Amber Rose Confirms She Didn’t Cheat On 21 Savage

AllHipHop Staff

Amber Rose recently took to Instagram Live to confirm that all of her breakup rumors are lies and not trust.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)Amber Rose has been speaking on her love for rapper 21 Savage for awhile now.

It all began when the couple was dating, but they ended up splitting. Now Rose has been speaking out about her love for Savage in an attempt to rekindle the romance. Speculation has been brewing about her aggressive approach to the situation.

21 has been relatively quiet during the breakup and hasn't been speaking much. This has led fans to as even more questions about what lead to the breakup.

Recently rumors began swirling that Amber Rose cheated on 21 Savage causing the breakup.

The alleged infidelity is said to have been with one of Savage's unnamed friends. Nobody has coming forward with more information about the friend and now Rose is furious.

According to Amber, all of the rumors all lies and she never cheated on any of her famous loves.

Amber Rose stated all of this in an Instagram Live story and even mentioned not being romantically involved with her son's father Wiz Khalifa.

This breakup is definitely taking its toll on Amber Rose as she seeks to make peace with it's collapse.