Another Golden Era Rapper Retires :(


He was one of the greatest but he is opting to focus on his family now.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Another one bites the dust. Word on the street is that the rapper known as Canibus has retired. Some of you weren't even born when Canibus was popping. But he was momentarily one of the elite emcees. Remember his famous beef with LL Cool J? If not, look at the videos below. Anyway, apparently a producer - the infamously known as Domingo - tried to solicit the battle rapper for some bars and he said he's focusing on his family. Look below.

THANK YOU, CANIBUS. Germaine "Propane" Williams was a member of The HRSMN, Sharpshooterz, Cloak N Dagga, The Undergods, and one-half of T.H.E.M.

Im glad they said "Golden Age", because this was an era where hip hop was in it's purest form imo

Seems really disrespecful to have an article about Canibus and his retirement and have a picture of LL Cool J right on top before you can even start to read the article. 20+ years and the man still gets no respect. What a fucking joke!

His career was way more than just the battle with L. SMFH

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