Another PR Stunt? Kim Kardashian Criticized For Darker Skin On New Magazine Cover

Simone Grant

Kim Kardashian’s look in new magazine cover is causing people to look at her sideways.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The internet stays coming for Kim K!

Our girl just can’t catch a break with the black community it looks like. First, her body was the topic of discussion with half the world calling it fake and bought. Then, her hair was an issue. When she decided to rock cornrow braids and began getting media attention for it, making it seem like she brought it back in style.

Her most recent idea for “breaking the internet” is causing a lot of backlash. Kim recently unveiled her latest magazine cover for 7HOLLYWOOD with very dark makeup. Her comment section on Instagram is filled with people calling her out saying this is considered blackface.

Of course Kim came quick with a response. A source told that the lighting is what makes her look darker and there are other covers and images from this shoot where the lighting looks natural. 

I don’t think Kim purposely took pictures knowing her skin was going to come out darker. Kim knows she isn’t black. I think we give her a hard time because of the attention she receives. Let’s give her a break. She is adamant in helping the black community and is trying to be the best influencer she can. 

What y’all think? Is Kim trying to start some ish? 

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Positive = real. Real is hopefully positive.


Boy ppl love finding ways to get outraged over stupid sh@t..