Another Summer Walker Show Turns Into A Flip Flop!

Simone Grant

Summer Walker showed up to one of her hostings in sweats and did not perform as fans expected her to.

(AllHipHop Rumors) A disgruntled club promoter and some unhappy attendees of a club in New Jersey are coming for Summer Walker.

We all know Walker struggles from social anxiety and the singer has been very vocal about it. 

Social media and fans in Toronto recently came for her stating she was late for her concert because she was kickin' it with Drake, and now people are saying she just doesn’t give a f*ck about her fans, PERIOD!

This Jersey promoter is pissed at Walker for half-assing her appearance over the weekend he paid her $15,000 for. He posted pictures of their contract that states she “shall host for 60 minutes with a 2-3 song performance.”

He expressed his frustration all over his gram calling out her and her manager.

Social media is literally coming for her because she showed up in sweats, flip flops, and a sweater holding the mic and simply smiling into the crowd - of course with her man, London On Da Track, by her side.

 Summer responded saying he hired her for a “walkthrough” and not a performance. She encourages fans to stop letting promoters finesse them.

She also posted screenshots of his page and comments he made stating that this WAS ONLY A CLUB HOSTING AND NOT A PERFORMANCE.

People are saying that Walker just doesn’t give a damn about her fans judging off her nonchalant behavior at her hosting. The fact that she came chill asf and barely interacted with her fans isn’t helping at all.

 There are plenty of celebs who are laid back and just not “out there” like others. Walker isn’t the turn up queen like many want her to be. Her music is chill so she’s gonna be chill. Not to mention her anxiety can cause her to feel nervous. And it’s cold in Jersey! She probably just wanted to dress comfy.

What y’all think?