Antonio Brown Says He’s Ready To Square Up With Logan Paul

Simone Grant

AB is taking it from the football field to the boxing ring.

After apologizing to his baby’s mother, Chelsie Kyriss, over the weekend for his behavior, Brown also agreed to a boxing match against Youtuber, Logan Paul.

If you’ve been following Brown on social media than you’re aware of his public outbursts, specifically towards Kyriss.

Brown previously accused his ex of trying to scam him out of money with her alleged lover. The football star posted text messages between Kyriss and her lover on social media.

Chelsie came to her defense claiming those messages were old and said she had “receipts that would end his entire life.” 

The two eventually squashed the beef and now Brown is directing his frustration towards Paul.

A few weeks ago, AB tweeted, “Square Up” to Logan after the YouTuber said he wanted to “f*ck up” the NFL free agent on a podcast last year in December. Logan responder with fighting words saying, “I’d drop you faster than the patriots.”

I’m assuming AB remembered these words because when they encountered each other in Miami during Super Bowl weekend at Maxim Havana Nights Super Bowl party, he didn’t seem too happy to see his future opponent.

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And he also stealing music now..the song Whole lotta money he stole from his childhood that sent him his music trying to get help from him and he took the song and ran with it now hes being sued again


AB has to do something as football is history for him, and the way he likes to spend money, forget about it.