I had quite a few people trying to pull fast ones on April Fool's Day.

The only thing is, these jokes are so old and played out that nothing

really works. The main one that got out there was that Young Buck left

G-Unit. (50 Cent was at a recent listening party for Buck so that's

out!) I heard another one about PMD of EPMD getting arrested. That was

the "nice try" award, since PMD is a really good dude. The one that was

really good was the April Fool's joke that google played on its people

- "Google paper." Good one, google, good one!


How do I say this? Well, let Russell Simmons and his people

start things off. They issued a statement about this Monday protest

against Tony Yayo saying "We ain't in it!" See below:

“We are not involved and we have no interest in the public debate

over this issue,” Russell Simmons told AllHipHop.com. “While we condemn

violence in all its forms we see our role as peace makers.”

ALSO, 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com:

"As CEO of G-Unit Records, I take allegations swirling in the media

regarding the alleged altercation against a teenage boy on Tuesday Mar. 20 in Manhattan very seriously,” 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “I have authorized an independent investigation of the incident to determine whether anyone associated with G-Unit Records was involved in the confrontation. I must state for the record, that I was at my home in Farmington, Connecticut the entire day completing songs

for my new album.”

50 Cent on how he will handle things going forward.

“A word of caution to anyone attempting to link me personally to

this unfortunate incident for their own selfish motivations, I will vigorously pursue all legal remedies available to me to protect my

professional reputation."