Apryl Jones Reveals She Should Have Slept With The Game

Simone Grant

Fizz might be giving Apryl the side eye after she reveals she should have had sex with The Game.

After rumors circulating that Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz have called it quits, it seems like the Love & Hip Hop reality star may have her eyes on Compton rapper, The Game.

During her chit chat with Tiffany Pollard on her show Breakfast With Tiffany, she talks about how people would always try to increase her body count and accuse her of f*ckin around with different celebrities. 

If you can’t beat em, join em and in Apryl fashion, she just agreed with what they were saying.

Apryl did reveal that she should have slept with Game when she had the opportunity. She also said she passed up a lot of good d*ck.

 Do you think Game will be sliding in Apryl’s DM’s?

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Those kids grow up. And the internet is unforgiving and does not forget.


Yeah in this day & age we live in that makes sense. "They say I'm a Ho, so I'm going to be a Ho. That'll teach'em". Stupid Ass!!!!