Are Beyonce And Jay-Z About To Drop Duet Album Then Tour?


This could be the best thing since the last best thing - Jay and Bey on tour!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jay-Z is all in the rumors! The last few days have had all sorts of Jay-Z rumors and chatter. I guess we are just on it like that right now. It looks like in a couple of days, Jay and Bey will be on the cusp of a new level. They are rumored to be dropping their highly-anticipated duet album. THEN, they are reportedly going to tour this summer off the effort. May, how is Jay out working J. Cole? I’m just saying!

A lot of this started when Monday, Beyoncé's Ticketmaster page was updated to include tour dates over the summer. Then, that post mysteriously disappeared. But, people saw it! And the rumors rolled right along. The now-deleted event was christened “On The Run 2”, a nod to their tour in 2014. If you still want to look for it, its rumored to be coming on Monday, July 30 at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. Finally, the pre-sale is coming TOMMORROW! You have been warned!

Less information is available about the alleged album they have on the way. I am not so sure about this, but I think it is a damn real possibility. They just dropped the song with Khaled and Future, which I didn't love, but he dissed Zimmerman! Love it! Hopefully, Jay-Z does kill him and we can all heal from that.

Sadly, I am broke like this dude so if you want to help get me to the concert, let me know.

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Yeah they need to find a new angle. They're killing the commodity of their relationship.


JZ is playing out and needs B's help...this is about selling out arenas...JZ has to tour with B so she can make sure he doesn't cheat again lol


Please no more duet albums, relax your over exposed.