Are Cardi B & Remy Ma Working On New Music Together

We wouldn't mind hearing Cardi B & Remy Ma linking up and talking that shhhh on a track together!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Barbz are probably somewhere big mad right now.

Remy Ma is clearly has respect for Cardi B as she's revealed during a VH1 Facebook Live video that her and "Bardi" will be collaborating on new music.

Two things were clear earlier this year at Hot 97's Summer Jam: 1. Remy rocked with Cardi as she brought her out on stage to perform her hit and 2. Nicki Minaj's fan base was big mad as they felt like it was betrayal on Cardi B's part.

Cardi has said time and time again that she doesn't have beef with anyone, and she refuses to let other people's beef stop money bags and opportunities for her!

“Yes we actually were talking about it last night. She grabbed me and said ‘We need to do a song together, I’m not playing!'” said Remy.

Remy also revealed that she initially had doubts about Cardi, but she now believes that she's a star.

“When I first heard her this business you see people come in and take this rap thing as a joke, people think ‘oh because I got a fat a-s and pretty face I’m gonna be a rapper. I just assumed that that’s what it was with her, I actually told her this. And then I saw one day, she was about 17 in high school and she was performing in a talent show in school and it just changed everything. I think she works really hard and she deserves it,” said Remy.

I love that these two are embracing each other. We need more females in Hip Hop, and it's time for the few that are in it to let that beef shhhhh go!

Are you here for any Remy and Cardi collaborations?

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