Are Diddy And Curry Getting Outbid In Panthers Pursuit?


Diddy wants a piece of the Panthers, but a bigger fish just jumped in the water!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looked like Sean "Diddy'' Combs and Golden State Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry where going to be owners in the Carolina Panthers! Not quite. If you read the fine print, the brothers were simply “potential minority investors” in the franchise. So, we shall see. BUT, a new potential owner has jumped into the fray and is ready to buy him some panthers! This could derail Diddy’s dream!

The whole thing is up to $2.5 billion! Michael Rubin is the man that had the largest bid and others like Diddy jumped on board. However, who has pushed this up to $2.5 billion has made the bid larger than Rubin is willing to go. In fact, he said he would pay a “fair” price but not all that! The current bid would be a record-breaking amount for a sports franchise.

ANYWAY – I can’t wait to die. These dudes throwing around billions and I’m still a hundredaire, my dudes and dudettes. Can somebody in any of these camps give me a stack to hold? I’m just saying.