Are Jeezy And Master P Joining Forces For A Mixtape?

I think we have a winner right here! I'd love to hear The Ice Cream Man and The Snowman together!

(AllHipHop Rumors) YO! Everybody goes around complaining, but Jeezy and Master P have the right idea! The Icecream Man meets The Snowman! If you can't see the epic possibilities, I need you to get a clue! Anyway, it seems like this is coming in the form of "A Cold Summer," a mixtape they have been working on already. If you listen to the video below, it sounds pretty good. Now, if you hate the South, scroll away before you become suicidal. A lot of rappers are flimsy, but I think these dudes are going to show the hood how to do it progressively. The crazy part of it is they are talking about taking the show on road and having white parties in every city! I love it.