Are Joe Budden And Tahiry Getting​ Back Together?

It appears like Joe Budden and his original reality show baby boo are back!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The internet is a TRIP! These places don't miss a beat! IF something happens, they are one it OR they have a readership that is one it. I call em snitches, but they are really sources. Anyway, Joe Budden and Tahiry are one of the most beloved couples to ever come out of Hip-Hop! You gotta love 'em because they are the source of all the madness we see (think Love And Hip-Hop before the show). Now, we are in a new space. She's more than moved on, but we ain't seen her with a man publicly. Joe has had a few public relationships, including Cyn Santana the former fiancee! I thought Joe and Madame Santana were going to get back together, but now I don't know. I also don't know if they are trying to create a mess of a mess on TV with the re-introduction of Tahiry. Anyway, peep game. This is what the internets saw!

When Joe posted this Tahiry commented like "Joe Knows What Time Its Is!" What does that MEAN? It seems to mean that something is awry or that he's not being all the way forthcoming? I don't know, but it seems like she's going in for the kill. Remember, she declined him on TV when he tried to get married. Joe was probably mad about that for a long time. I think he wants that old thing back. Tahiry be looking SCRUMPTIOUS!