Are Kanye West & Jay-Z Putting An End To Their Feud?


It looks like Kanye West wants his big brother Jay-Z back in his life, but it will be a process.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently Jay-Z and Kanye West are in the process of making up.

Ye has reached out to his big brother Jay-Z to end their latest feud.

According to TMZ, inside sources say Yeezy Yeezy asked for a face-to-face meeting with Hov to hash out their beef that was ignited when Ye went on that Carter-attacking rant last year onstage.

Jay-Z said Kayne taking shots wasn't a big deal, but when he went at this family is when he crossed the line!

Jay got Ye back in his song "Kill Jay Z" though as he called him out. Apparently Kanye's people want Jay-Z to cut him some slack since Kanye wasn't in his right mind at the time with his nervous breakdown and hospitalization.

Jay and Ye are also still going through it as they are involved in a financial dispute over Kanye's Tidal deal.

Despite the Tidal battle, the issue between these two is said to not be about money, and only their relationship.

One insider even says that the two seem to be reconciling, and they have a love/hate relationship.

Do you think things will ever go back to normal for them?

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