Are Kylie & Travis Secretly Back Together Amid Breakup?

Simone Grant

Kyle and Travis claim to be co-parenting for Stormi, but we all know they are still in love and probably dating.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Without question Disney once again proved why it is the happiest place on earth as it brought Kylie and Travis together again...Like they never left.

The couple took their daughter to Disney World in Orlando on Wednesday and looked like one big, happy family. This wouldn’t be the first time we saw the two together after they broke up so I’m not surprised at their family getaway.

According to rumors, the couple are simply trying to do what’s best for their daughter and are no closer to getting back together. 

But of course they aren’t going to publicly announce their breakup. They kept their pregnancy with Stormi silent and don’t seem to like the public scrutiny when it comes to their personal life. 

What y’all think? 

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Isn't that their business? Why is that important with what's going on in America?