Are Maury Povich And Jerry Springer Part Of A Conspiracy?


Chuck D from Public Enemy says that two of the most enduring trash TV show may be on the take.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are two white dudes that have put poor people on full blast for decades! I can't lie, once upon a time, I was all in! It was entertaining and ratchet as hell! 20 some odd years later, they are doing the same ol thing! 

Rapper/activist Chuck D feels some kind of way about it and says that these dudes might be on the the government. This broke over the weekend and a lot of people were feeling him. Do you think the government could be subsidizing these TV show for them to spread negative images of Black people, particularly Black women. 

I am not sure if he was being literal or metaphorical, but its like seeing people in line for Popeyes chicken every single day. 

Chuck D, for the record, is one of the most respected rappers in the history of rap. Much of this is based on his ability to see past the norm and think outside of what is so blatantly in our face. I think He may be on to something, but we don't see Maury or Jerry going anywhere. In fact, Jerry has a new a judge! HUH?

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At one time I was all in too, 20 years ago. Me and my sister would be in the phone watching it and laughing. I stopped watching it because it became stupid and contributed nothing positive to my life. So yes, I believe Chuck D is right on the government, they are trying to destroy the black race the same as they are doing with the crack epidemic.


I been thought this years ago because be honest ain't nobody watching them shows like that


Maybe. Hip Hop for sure. Look at the average popular rapper today, better yet listen to them. Behind on social issues, vulgar, lewd, over sexed drug addicts. They even promote other races exploiting black negative stereotypes to number 1. Iggy, lil pump, Cardi B, etc. Black people need to step their game up.