Are Meek And Nicki Fighting? On The Verge Of Breaking Up?


Meek and Nicki Minaj may not be in the best space right now and its reportedly all over his legal status. They may be on the verge of breaking up, reports say. Meek apparently wants Nicki close as he goes through his 90-day house arrest in Philly. Basically, he wants her to live in the City of Brotherly Love for that period of time. She seems fed up and unwilling to contend with this demand, because she is fed up with Meek. Him getting in trouble has worn thin for her, it would seem. Nicki has not posted a pic of her and Meek on instagram in about 5 weeks. To me, that is saying something. At one point, it was nauseating. These, LOVE BIRDS! May be there is some truth in these rumors.

Which is it?

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We will soon see. People fight. People reconcile. People break-up. Stuff happens. For Meek's sake, I hope this doesn't happens. The memes will be deadly.