Are Migos About To Part Ways?

Simone Grant

Migos might be releasing one more album before the group separates.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We’ve been a fan of the Migos ever since they dropped “Versace” with Drake. That’s when we knew they were going to be something special.

Since their 2008 debut, the group has released three studio albums and 12 mixtapes.

Each member has ventured off and produced music as solo artists and collaborated separately with other artists. They have made names for themselves over these past few years and their caliber is high enough to survive being solo artists. It looks like this might be the case.

Offset posted a picture on Instagram along with the caption, “CULTURE 3 2020/LAST CHAPTER.” 

From the looks of this, it seems final. Or maybe this will be the last Culture album? Who knows?

What y’all think? Would you be sad to see Migos  part ways? 

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Solo? Collabs on other folks shit is cool, but completely solo? Naw Migos are stronger as a unit. They will fall off as solo artist.


Of course they are!!! 3 BLOOD cousins want nothing to do with each other after being family for 30 year's or whatever age they are & making millions of dollar$ as a group!


Last chapter of the trilogy...they not breaking up..NAWFSIDE legends..G-Co.