Are Remy Ma And Rihanna Cooking Up Something?


Remy Ma has scored hits, but this one could be bigger than all the others if the rumors are true.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma is supposedly looking to drop a new album this October, the same month as Cardi B. Hopefully they can build. But now it would seem like Remy is looking to unload that big gun to make herself pop! Literally, she’s rumored to be down with the pop princess Rihanna. I think RiRi is more like the queen but there’s a certain alliteration that goes with “pop princess.” ANYWAY, Fat Joe recently talked about this and said that the first song would be “Pretty Brown” and it would be a collaboration with a big named artist. Who? They streets say Rihanna. I anticipate it will be really dope for Remy! She’s come a long way!

She recently dissed Nicki Minaj again. She’s a bully! LOL!

Lets do a throwback of "Conceited," my fav of Rem's solo hits.