Are The Crips In On The Nipsey Hussle Business?

There is a plot twist in the ever-changing legacy of King Nipsey!

(AllHipHop Rumors) We all know that Nipsey Hussle was a card-carrying Crip! Now, is seems like the set is trying to get in on the business of King Nip...but how? The Blast is reporting that some folks in the Crips have made a move to register “The Marathon Continues” in a variety of matters. These things pertain primarily to youth sports programs. The company that registered it is Crips LLC. I had no idea! The Crip are in business!

They are “developing educational manuals for others in the field of community organizing, gang prevention” and “gang intervention.” This company also will dive into entertainment with Bloods, Crips, rappers, comics, celebs, and more. Hoe does this all related to Nipsey? They are seemingly seeking to trademark “The Marathon Continues” for a movie or documentary that is on the way. Both the Bloods and Crips seemingly became LLCs in 2018. I wonder if it is really the street tribes behind them?

Nipsey Hussle didn't obtain a trademark for “The Marathon Continues,” even though it was the name on his 6th album mixtape and the name of his clothing line. I wonder if the family is going to be a part of this sh#t. Something tells me some colonizer is behind this and trying to trick us! I want to see the brothers that are doing this. I hope is works out.

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