Are The NYPD After Remy Ma Over Alleged Beating Of Reality Star?

Remy Ma may be looking at some time in jail for the alleged beat down of her younger rap peer.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am back on this like I never left. Remy Ma, in a Hip-Hop sense of the word, is a known bully. But, she has since reformed her ways and grown personally and professionally! She's got a husband and a baby! According to her former LAHH NEW YORK co-star, that didn't stop her from throwing a blow to the eye! Brittney Taylor is being called a snitch and a rat for telling on Remy, but is she a snitch? She's definitely telling, but she's not a thug or criminal either. I suppose she is a snitch! HAHAHA! Now, in Remy's defense, there are early reports that completely refute and dismiss the notion that the Queen of New York Hardcore Hip-Hop is still putting hands on these hoes out there. So, this may just be a small time thing. But if somebody hits you, you should fight back.

Anyway, why?

Remy’s stepdaughter, Dejanae, was reportedly attacked by somebody and perhaps Brit played some role? They had some words backstage at a cancer benefit concert’s greenroom, before the non-fatal blow was allegedly thrown. The cops would not be included if she had not gone from the hospital to the NYPD. Brittney has also hired Sanford Rubenstein, a high powered New York lawyer, to handle her prosecution of Remy.

Remember, Rem did a full six years in prison for a 2007 attempted murder charge and is presently on parole.

Remy better be careful!!!!!

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