Are The Streets Killing Off Nipsey's Alleged Killers Kin?

They said there would be bloodshed and the streets are talking...

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is a mess. Everybody is suddenly a conspiracy theorist genius or a hood specialist genius. Social media is in shambles. Anyway, one thing that seems to have some serious legs in the rumor department is the idea that Eric Holder, the suspect in this whole mess is losing family members. Sadly, his family is paying the price for his alleged actions. Now, I don't know any particulars, but the "streets" are saying that his family is being murdered off while he is on the lam, accused of killing one of the most beloved rappers.

Again, I don't know the rules of the streets, but it just seems unfair that a person related to a bad person should pay. However, if they are all bad, maybe? Who knows! There are consequences for everything out here. Eric Holder is out there somewhere unless if the streets got to him already. My "sources" say he's not dead yet, for what that's worth. On a side note, why is does this dude have the same name as the former Attorney General of the United States under President Barack Obama? This whole thing gets crazier and crazier!

They are saying that about 3 people have been stabbed or shot or something. I don't know. Stop the violence. I just hope it ends soon so that we can get back on track. They basically have put a hit out on that dude Eric Holder though. The LAPD put ALL his info in the streets.

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They should not take law into their hands..

Two wrongs don't make a right


1st off killing is wrong however when you are in the streets & you kill someone from the streets that was loved, liked & respected by people coast to coast there's no way you can control the overwhelming rage & anger that is going to come down on you & anyone you love because you let your temper get the best of you!!!! RIP Nipsey!!!