Ariana Grande Takes Drastic Measure after Mac Miller Death

Ariana's dumping of Mac Miller has come back to haunt her.

(AllHipHop Rumors) People really loved Mac Miller. I had no idea. I knew he was talented and got busy on the mic. I even know he was a nice guy, but he really had a special impact on people. His relationship with Ariana Grande didn't workout and she's catching a lot of flack. See, the dude was already doing drugs before they broke up, but after they broke up, he sunk into a deep state of depression. He crashed his car and seemed really suicidal. But, he also talked about wanting to be happy and beating depression. There is also a contingency of people that erroneously blame Ariana for his demise. Ms. Grande has had to disable comments on her social media so people could not blame her for the death of the 26-year old rapper. Dude overdosed on drugs. That's the end of the story here. But, I did hear more about Ariana as a person, so that may not have helped.

What also didn't help was the fact that Grande was with comedian Pete Davidson a mere days after she announced the break up of her and Mac. They were together a full 2 years. That's a long time! That's a long time at any age these days. A lot of people are looking at her with the side eye like she may have cheated on the guy, driving him over the edge. Sad all across the board.

Here is Mac Miller's final performance.