Ashanti Did Prodigy Dirty To Help Jay-Z


The beef that is Jay-Z versus Prodigy is one for the ages, but we now know who did P dirty.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Y’all better recognize these streets don’t love you. Ashanti is one of the sexiest women out there. Back in the day, she was more of a cutie coming up under the Murder Inc imprint. It has now been revealed that the singer helped Jay-Z set up Prodigy on that Summer Jam screen many moons ago. She provided the image of P as a “ballerina” if you will. It is my understanding that P’s grandma was a dance teacher and he used to dance.

Here is what Big Twin said:

It had a lot to do with the label and there was more politics at the time. I was telling P to shit on’em in an intelligent way because P is smarter than that nigga when it comes down to do different things. Plus he was in the group Mobb Deep maybe Havoc didn’t want him to do anything. I think he struggled with it not because of what he said and what he did but who put him onto that picture he was a little confused by it because it took him years to find out who did it.

If you look up his Grandmother she is a famous person and people who went down in history went to her school. Ashanti went there and that is the person who gave Jay-Z the picture because she had the book that’s how she got the picture of G.

That’s why you see Irv try to give Prodigy props on Drink Champs but ni—a you the one who gave Jay-Z that picture, get the f—k outta here!

Big Twin   was interviewed by Prezident Bejda, Mac Jay and Pittsburgh Pat on Episode 464 of the Murder Master Music Show

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Ashanti is Loser! Always will be just like her former F boyfriend Irv “Punk Ass” Gotti. She alway tries to be innocent with her sleep around ass... to get to the top. Hoes!


RIP Prodigy....Keep it Thoro