Ashanti & Joe Budden Debate Her Being Treated Like A Stripper


Joe has to have a degree in master trolling!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ashanti recently stopped by Complex's 'Everyday Struggle' to chat wit Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks about the Grammy's process, her new single with Ty Dolla $ign, catering to her core audience and more.

Not too far into the interview, they all decided to address a video that surfaced online of Ashanti telling a fan to stop throwing money at her because she's not a stripper.

People were divided on Ashanti's response as some felt like she was in fact dressed like a stripper and she was "acting" like one as she was giving fans lap dances.

Joe Budden was apparently in agreeance with that crowd as he said,

"She was dressed like a stripper."

Ashanti clapped back with,

"No hold it. I had on a body suit with boots, which 90% of my peers wear which we perform in. We're there to do a show. So that's what you wear. Strippers are naked. Strippers sometimes have on thongs; they are naked. Their private areas..I've never seen a stripper in a body suit. The point that I'm making to you is I've been in the strip club, I've seen things; I've seen private areas. My private areas weren't out."

Joe trolls her after she asks him would she be a doctor if she wore a stethoscope.

Joe told her that she wouldn't be a doctor, but she'd be dressed like one. He basically confirmed his belief that he felt like she was at least dressed like a stripper here! LOL.

I believe that Joe would've trolled her some more but he sensed her getting heated, so to diffuse the situation and move on for the sake of time, he changed the subject.

Should Ashanti have been offended about the fan throwing money at her?

Oh yeah, Ashanti revealed that her and Irv Gotti still aren't seeing eye-to-eye.

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@RawWay and its funny that the video playing on the tv in the back of Ahanti is of a guy making it rain so y is she mad? lol


Ashanti had a sex tape back in the day. She uses her body to make money, period. Don't try to act classy now. If you gyrate on stage and use sexuality as entertainment and not focus on singing like a lot of ICONS before her, chances are you will have money thrown at you and cat calls given. To use the line "everybody does it" is bull. Tell Chaka, Whitney, Janet, Patti, Diana and all the other classics that NEVER did that ish who are STILL relevant. FOH Ashanti.