August Alsina’s Relative Claims He Is Gay & Had His Brother Killed!


August Alsina is apparently having family drama. The singer posted a screen shot of some text messages to his Instagram page with the caption “Messages from my family.”

by ClassicOne

One of his family members is alleging that August is gay and that his whole album was a lie. The family member claims he was never homeless, and they stated that he had his own brother killed. Some fans wonder did August put this out there to the public to address it himself before it really hit the fan. There have been rumors swirling for a while about August’s sexuality. Could this just be a message from a broke and bitter family member, or do you think there’s any truth to his family member’s claims?

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August is a grown ass man if he want fo be gay he can he is 25 years old damn y y'all worrying about it it's not your problem damn


Is not any body business if he did but he did get his brother kill his brother got shot and if august say he gay it's nit anyone business