AYE! Somebody Check Up On Bow Wow!

We are praying that Bow Wow isn't suicidal, but he's leaving bread crumbs.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Listen. Lets just keep it a buck. If you are 17 or 19, Lil Bow Wow is a legend and you may call him “Shad” these days. If you are of a certain age, he’s that child rapper. And, lets continue to be real, dude has told lie after like and just done some strange things. Check this for a reminder.

And who can forget when he pretended to be on a private jet? BUT, Bow Wow even recently got punched while being surrounded by security. Can these L’s get any lower? Yeah. It’s pretty sad when culture vultures are creating vidoes of your legacy of L’s.

But that is all water under the bridge when you get this kid that seems to be crying for help. Now, Shad is 31 so he is no longer a baby. But that does not mean he cannot cry out for help. Peep what he just put on his instagram?

I hope homie ain’t suicidal like Sean Kingston! The issue is, people are still doing THE MOST on social media and not in the privacy of their own home. Get counseling brother, and don’t talk about it until you are well.

I would be negligent if I didn’t say this could be a PR stunt since he has a project on the way. Meanwhile I am still waiting on Black Thought to do a solo opus. OG sh*t.

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I thought Bow had a great future on the big screen after seeing him doing a good job on CSI. If he is suicidal because his music career has slowed down he should look at LL, Ice Cube and Ice T as examples of guys who don't sell as many records now, but are doing pretty well for themselves in the tv industry. Suicide is crazy because you never really know what that next day is gonna have in store. Your fortunes might suddenly turn around. SMH.