Azealia Banks Calls Out Post Malone, Common & Jill Scott


Azealia Banks is being Azealia Banks once again by taking shots at other rappers.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Controversial rapper Azealia Banks is never one to bite her tongue, so in #PostAndDelete files, she took to Instagram to call out Post Malone, Common, and Jill Scott.

Banks felt the need to call out Post Malone over his recent criticism of Hip Hop.

"Every single time I actually enjoy a white rapper they go and give me one of these Man. The only white men who are allowed to publicly voice their opinion on hiphops cultural matters are Rick Rubin and Eminem. We really don't need Macklemore or Peter Rosenberg or anyyyyy of the rest of you lot to add anything to this conversation. Just spit your rhyme and go! Lol."

Banks went in on Common and Jill Scott for failing to promote their film 'Love Beats Rhymes'. The film is a musical drama directed by RZA that features Bank, Common, Scott and more..

Banks also took to Instagram to call them out for their lack of promotion. If they are failing to promote the film there have to be some serious internal issues going on. I don't think them being embarrassed to be associated with Banks would be enough to keep them from promoting the film.

"I feel so stupid promoting this film. And am 100% disappointed in @common and @msjillscott for fronting as well. Funny when you hear these celebs talk about black folk supporting each other (AHEM) but watch them be extremely selective about who they support. I've lost all respect for many of the folks involved in this project. Disappointed in lionsgate for not handling this better. If I were a white girl lionsgate would have AT LEAST reached out to me to make sure I was cool after being spat on. Not one in Hollywood gives a single f-ck about black women," posted Azealia.

It looks like Banks is the only person promoting the film. What do you think is keeping others from promoting it?

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MattBane one in Hollywood gives a fuck about Azealia. Why would they? Russel Crowes not even well liked by most, who knows what happened that night. She's the girl who cried Cunt. an look at her go..back at it again, playing hard to like, humour And the last person to take seriously.... I'm not surprised everyones keeping their distance, its a direct result of her salty cunt actions. I was a fan but thats long over. if there's anyone who deserves to be spat on for their toxic behaviour, it's this little victim. she does herself no favours, why would anyone else.


She's the truth


all she does is "call people out" Eminrm, Jay-z, Nas, RZA, etc.... she is wack and the only attention she gets is from her"calling people out" not from her music.......shes a pigeon.