Azealia Banks Said She’s Not Done With Remy Ma, Threatens To Sue!


Azealia Banks may be taking Remy Ma to court soon!

By Trendspotter (@Trend_Spotter86)

(AllHipHop Rumors) After kicking up some dust last week and starting some beef with Remy Ma via her Instagram page, Azeaila Banks is now threatening to sue Remy.

Remy went on Hot 97 and shaded the female rap game by saying “it was tumbleweeds blowing as far female artists are concerned.” Banks wasn't feeling her comments and took to IG to throw some shots even calling Remy a “Confused Nicki Stan.”

Of course we all know Remy's petty hand is Bronx strong, and her clap back was one for the books as she posted receipts of text messages and audio messages between her and Banks.

In the messages Azealia actually seems to be the “confused Nicki Stan” and a little obsessed with Remy as well. Well NOW Azealia is threatening to sue Remy and Wendy Williams for chiming in on the beef.

Wendy made remarks that Azealia could possibly be a prostitute by saying,

“Now we understand how she gets her money, She’s got no kids and she’s 26, with a vaginal rejuvenation? Wow. She works hard for her money.”

Banks wasn’t having it and the comment allegedly brought her to tears. She’s accused Wendy of bullying and said she’s reached an all time low. Something that started off as a small read grew into a major issue. Both Wendy and Remy have not responded to the law suit allegations as they both are booked and could care less I’m sure.

Do you guys feel Remy was wrong for posting receipts? Should Wendy apologize or nah?

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Typical, "I can dish it, but I can't take it" scenario. Banks should go stick her head in a hole. Wow, she said "bullying"? She's the one that's always bullying or trying to and ends up on the wrong side of it. Go get your pussy tightened and shut up already.