Azealia Banks Takes A Loss And Reveals A Creative Way To Sell Concert Tix!

Azealia Banks is going to have to respect the jux!

(AllHipHop Rumors) There are a lot of ways that one can sell records. For example, Travis Scott recently helped sell his music by selling merch and some other stuff Nicki Minaj objected to. Prince did some stuff back in the day, by selling an album with concert tickets. It worked and it was considered genius from the Purple One! In 2018, are we prepared to call Azealia Banks a GENIUS TOO? Don't panic! Here is what is going on with Azealia Banks. Sis is selling SOAP for concert tickets! And what do her fan do? They STEAL the soap! Azealia is devastated!

This chick is a genius! She is selling soap and giving away concert tickets for free!!!! I cannot believe her ungrateful fans not at least buying the soap!

Don't drop the soap!