Azealia Banks Takes More Shots At Rihanna & K. Michelle


Photos via Rihanna and Azealia Banks' Instagram

If Azealia Banks talked shhh all day on social media while simultaneously putting out great music, people might actually let her slide. Well, she doesn't, so people kill her on the net daily. Azealia's latest antics include taking more shots at Rihanna and K. Michelle. Azealia commented on Rihanna's tour performances saying how awful they have been. In one segment Rihanna attempts a style of dancing called Voguing. Azealia commented that she'd seen twigs Vogue better. She also told a fan that K. Michelle is the reason why all of her touring and gigs have been cancelled. She says,

"F*cking around with that bird b*tch put me in a horrible position with my fans and promoters."

Azealia's main beef with Rihanna stems from the fact that she believes Ri has such a huge platform but is lazy and complacent with her craft. While RiRi is a bad gal, Azealia, for once, may be right about these 'ANTI' tour performances. They haven't been anything to rave over. What are your thoughts?

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