Azealia Vs. Her Own Opinions

Rapper continues a one-sided rap beef with Cardi B

By Ne' Richa (@iAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) They say you’ll know when you’re at the top because of the louder chimes at the lower levels that speak on your downfall.

That’s a lesson that Cardi B is learning every day with Azealia Banks.

Banks is constantly on the go with more ammo to prove, once and for all, that no one else seems to listen to her claims.

For example, she recently went on a tirade against a very unbothered Cardi B about the fact that she has yet to release her highly-anticipated debut album.

And, while she offered scores of advice about release dates and fanfare, Cardi took to her IG to post a very cute subliminal, “the more they wanna talk s##t about me the more I wanna go harder to prove them wrong. Stay strong!”

Quick and to the point, Cardi made it very clear that Banks commentary was not met with neither hate nor love...but more a passive acceptance and curve.

Banks went on an explosive barrage of claims that her forthcoming album, “Fantansea Two”, will outdo any and every other rapper from now until the end of time... I’m paraphrasing.

But she definitely made it clear that she places herself very high in the levels of creativity and overall music genius in the industry.

Hey, we all need a cheering section. Even if it means we sit in the bleachers alone...

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phinneus t boob
phinneus t boob

her white fans are boycotting her totally because she is playing a show in #APARTHEID ISRAEL and white people support freedom for Palestinians and blacks in israel. only blacks/latinos are ignorant of #BDS


who even listens to , or pays her ant attention??? She has tried to diss every one from JayZ RZA Eminem etc to get 5mins of fame since her music is trash......