Back At It: Rick Ross & Baby Mama Trade More Shots On Social Media


Hey rappers, and everyone else, be careful who you decide to have children with!

By Ne'Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rick Ross’ baby mom, Tia Kemp, let her voice be heard loud and clear when she threw a few shots in his direction.

She made sure to air him out nice and properly, and let the world know that he has not seen nor made contact with his son recently.

Adding to the flames, Ross himself made a public video in response. But, instead of clarifying if he’s seen his son, he hopped on the offensive and threw the shade trees of his own.

Amongst the shady forest, he exposed the fact that he was sleeping with Tia’s sister long before her. And, to boot, that she’s just bitter because she’s no longer apart of the program.

Then, he went on to suggest that she make a stop by Checkers to grab a chili cheese dog and slushy, go golfing, and go fishing because she is so upset.

She didn’t take that advice, as she then went on to express how ugly Ross is and went on a flame session to defend her own honor.

Ross’ other baby mother, Lestonia, was quick to chime in and defend her BD as she posted up a picture of them and suggested that Tia is mad because she is no longer Ross’ main.

In the middle of all this Instagram drama, it’s safe to assume that his son is still awaiting a phone call from the rap star.

Let this be a lesson that having a kid doesn’t make you an adult, and hopping on social media doesn’t make you right. It’s 2018, let’s do better people.

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F*ck William 'Officer Ricky-the FAKE Rick Ross' Roberts & his FAILING 'career'! This Fat BOZO is now tryin' to do 'Comedy' now, we ALL now he's been an ACTOR & a COP forever...Everybody is EXPOSING this IDIOT!


Grow up


If Mr. Rozay don't want to see the child bcus the mama is slime that his biznez. Only hoez get mad after they get cut off, and u know they hood rat trash posting shit hopin his fans turn they back on him when I don't care bout his personal life. Every thing about her sounds toxic and poison. Sum times U got to do what U got to do, to put the bull shit behind U...