Battle Cry! CyHi Sweetens The Deal With Joe Budden And Puts Up $500K!!!!!!


The ball is in Joe Budden's court as he now has an offer to battle!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden may just have to put his money where his mic is! That dude CyHi The Pryce is out here doing it! Joe Budden bragged about his money and how he didn't think that CyHi had the other $500k! Well, CyHi does! People don't quite realize that there is still money in rap! Also, my dude CyHi writes for Kanye West now and those publishing checks are probably better than his own album checks, respectfully! All I know is that Joe may be retired but he skipped out on a couple situations, most notably Eminem. I'm thinking it is time to put put up! The fact is: he knows CyHi ain't nobody's lyrical slouch! CyHi is actually incredible, but he just hasn't seen the mainstream success of some of the others. Kanye knows though! is how it went down on Twitter and you be the judge.

Here is Joe directly addressing CyHi.

This is not hate or beef - this is Hip-Hop and there is money on the line. Nobody loses. Well, the loser loses, but they live!

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No idea if Joe started this foolishness, odds are yes.. but Joe is retired, not coming out to go at Em should be telling enough. He'd rather talk his shit on the net


CYHI one of the greatest to ever do it.