Beat Downs and TV: Love And Hip-Hop Beef Sprouts Up!


Brittney and Bianca might be the new big thing on "Love & Hip-Hop" as their TV beef moves into real beef.

(AllHipHop Rumors) “Love And Hip-Hop” has alway been a franchise that people went to for the drama and beef. That does not change as the NY portion of the series re-starts tonight, but the beef is well underway. Brittney F. Taylor talks candidly to Miss Lissa about her beef with Bianca and how she allegedly got jumped. Brittney says it has all gone beyond TV and is in the streets for real. UH-OH.

I went and did a bit of research since, I really don’t know anything about this world. It seems like both of these artists worked with producer Webstar. No not, Webster.

Webster is one of the dudes that helped re-introduce dance to rap, particularly in Harlem. He’s made his money. He’s also put out some acts. There is much more to Bianca and Britney too. Also, you may need to look a step farther and realize that Bianca is the person formerly known as Young B. And there’s your chicken, your noodle and the Coke on the side.

Here Bri talks about how Cardi B’s success also affected her own maneuvers on the hit show.

Just for kicks, here’s the classic song “Chicken Noodle Soup”:

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