Beef Alert: Bow Wow vs Jermaine DuPri!

JD and Bow Wow are beefin - and Bow Weezy is tossing threat grenades at his mentor.

(AllHipHop Rumors) What is going on? Bow Wow and JD are beefing? And why? And also, who cares? WHO CARES! Bow Wow is a grown kid to this day and JD, its DJ, but...what are we here for? Is this all a scheme to promote the 25th Anniversary of SoSo Def? I am not sure, but is SoSo Def still around? I digress. Last week, JD was saying some little chatter, but I didn't see anything all that bad about what he said about Lil Bow Wow. All I saw was that Lil Bow Wow wasn't on drug and he never saw him doing any drugs. Now, that may infuriate Shad, but I'm thinking that's a great friend. You may or may not be on drugs and he's covering or not cover for you. Now, if you want people to think you are addicted to lean or whatever, that's a different story. Then, you may be mad! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

JD did have some slick talk, but it wasn't that bad. People live for drama and headlines.

Now, what is Bow Wow looking to reveal about JD's wife? I don't see why it matters, but there's a few things floating out there. First, they saying she's white. That's nothing. Somebody on a message board says she may be trans. At this point, he's gonna get a Grammy or ESPY for that. I am not sure what Bow Wow has in store so I'm going to chill. Kids, one thing I know is that one of these people says they do drugs and other says they don't. Don't do drugs.

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Lol "Before I tell the world about your wife" lol Bow wow sound real feminine saying that shit


2 midgets ---- keepit movin'