Beef Alert: Gucci Mane May Have To Go Back To The Hood


Is Gucci still the King of the ATL Streets? Some have come to question his G-status.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Gucci Mane is one of the dopest and well-respected artists from the hood, specifically Atlanta. His star has only gotten brighter in recent years and his legend even stronger. But, has that taken him away from the hood? Some say yes. Yung Nudy is one of them. The other day, Gucci made a post about running Bouldercrest, which is a hood in The A. Well, guess what? We all know he ain’t in the hood like THAT! He’s Rich AF! Yung clapped back saying, “He don’t be in the hood.”

What do you think? Should Gucci even care? Why would he be in the hood? I mean, to give back, but just to hang out on the block? Gucci has been there and it has not worked out well for him.
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F%ck the hood unless you don't have a choice..A man that is devoted to the hood is not a wise man..


Man running things remotely. Who's young nudy.