BEEF ALERT: Joe Budden Rants, Eminem Plans, And Did Tyler Sneak A Diss In?

Eminem is plotting his revenge, Joe Budden talks and MGK celebrates.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden isn't here for the rap responses for once, but he's responding. So, the rap battle we were looking for probably won't happen. So, last night they released this teaser that explained that Joey would be replying in podcast form. Booooooo! But, I will say this: this is good too. Here is the break down:

On this weeks episode, Joe addresses Eminem. Joe explains how he received the news of being dissed (17:26). He then talks about his experience while being signed to Shady Records (36:24) and shares his thoughts on the demise of Slaughterhouse (44:25). Joe also states in this episode Im glad this day has finally arrived so everyone can be truthful and reveals that he believes he is better than Eminem (58:50).

That's about 90 minutes of straight Eminem talk. I am going to get to that in full shortly but just not right now. Right now, lets talk about Eminem's next move. The word on the block is that Eminem is DEFINITELY working on a reply to MGK. Some have already funeralized the young boy. But, I will say this: the MGK diss stands. Even if Eminem comes back and eviscerates him, the diss stands. Only Ja Rule "got" Em better and even that is very debatable. Anyway, Denaun Porter - Em's long running Detroit buddy and legend in his own right - says they are working on the reply.

Don't take too long, brothers! Eminem is a known thinker - maybe an over-thinker! Lets keep this great Hip-Hop momentum going! What is funny is that all the other people that were mentioned have not said anything...or have they?

I don't think there is any truth to this, but did Tyler the Creator do...this?

MGK seems to be living it up, but pause on all that 666 stuff. The Gods disapprove.

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Em has been aloud to be him too long without challenge he shoulda freestyled a reply after a week its over

White Boy Cool
White Boy Cool

Fam, only Ja Rule "got" Em better?? Please tell me, this was a joke...