BEEF ALERT: Logic And Joyner Lucas Heats Up


Who wins a battle between Joyner and Logic?

(AllHipHop Rumors) This could actually be interesting. Logic and Joyner Lucas have some beef in the crock pot and its cooking very slowly. BUT it IS cooking. I can't lie. I am not the biggest fan of Logic. Joyner has great potential. So, when I tried to listen to the new mixtape,Bobby Tarantino II, I was like bored a bit. No hate. I just didn't listen long or close enough to hear Logic send shots at Joyner Lucas.

Logic said:

"Cats beef with Logic, yeah, they prayin' I respond/If I ever did, I dead you in this game with no response,/ Peace, love, and positivity that's all I want with you/But you push the issue 'cause I give you more press than your publicist could ever get you/Hell nah, fuck rap, fuck beef, anyone that hate me, I wish you success/I wish you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you suppressed/If feelings of self-hatred that you wan' project on me/Bet if I never picked up the mic then we might be homies/But you jealous, you look at my life and you feel envy/Constantly comparing yourself to me and feel empty/Most people that don't f#ck with me ain't ever shook my hand." - Logic on "Yuck"

Now, even if I heard that, I would not have remembered that Joyner Lucas dissed Logic last year. So much has happened since then! Joyner thought something of it and so did a bunch of other people. He responded.

Here is the song. I anxiously await Logic to get back with Joyner, but I don't think he will.

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this goes hard!


logic got bars and a movement, and joyner isnt a bum on the mic either, difference is, logic is trying to be positive with ALL of his music. Why did Joyner diss Logic to begin with?