BEEF ALERT: Pusha T Better Watch Out For Azealia Banks!


Uh oh! It looks like Pusha T just may have to watch his back especially with Azealia Banks’ known witchcraft.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently, the cover art for Pusha T’s song “What Y’all Wanted” is actually Azealia Banks’ cover for her single, “Yung Rapunxel”. Listen everyone in the world knows Banks is bat sh-t crazy, so Idk why Pusha did this. Maybe he wanted to rile up a little bit of controversy.

Well knowing her behavior, Azealia may try to drag Pusha T to hell and back.

Azelia Banks posted a video proving that her image was being used with the caption,

“Soooo ….. �� …. and yet “nobody knows who I am” . I need a baked potato this is tew much.”

She has since deleted the video. Since she recently revealed that she’s been sacrificing chickens in her closet for the last 3 years, we wonder how many will have to be sacrificed for this.

Maybe Azealia didn’t own the rights to the photo. Hmmmmmm. It’s interesting that he’d use her for his art though.

I’m not a fan of hers, but I do like this artwork. LOL. I just don’t understand why the girl won’t seek help, and focus on her music also.

Well, Kanye West is almost just as nutty as her, so we will see how all of this plays out. I wonder will Pusha and Ye respond.