Beef Alert: The Tekashi Snitch Revealed, Drake And Nicki Beef, Cardi B & Offset!

So much beef. We got shootings, unfriendings, and even alimony!

Will Cardi B Have To Pay Alimony To Offset?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Once upon a time, the rumors were about somebody getting in the studio with somebody else and making incredible music. I remember one of my most infamous rumors was when I heard Jay-Z was working with dead prez on a song. Nobody had it or knew it, but me in the media. And then it happened. Some of it was beef and beef was different than it was now, because people didn’t necessarily broadcast it the way they do on social media. THAT SAID...Cardi B and Offset are all people are talking about right now. Most of it is out there, but there is a nugget that hasn’t been fully explored. Women often have to pay alimony these days if they make enough money and Cardi is making a lot of it. The Migos are poppin but apparently Cardi may have to pay her husband a boatload of money.

Drake And Nicki Minaj Ain't Cool No More...

Drake and Nicki have unfollowed each other on IG. Yeah, I know it ain't Jay in the studio with Conway, but its still a rumor worth noting. Nicki didn't show up on Drake's epic album, Scorpion. And he didn't show up on Queen. I guess people check their social media to see if they are returning the "love." They will be great independent of each other, but it does not look like Young Money is a force to be reckoned with anymore.

Is This The Tekashi 69 Informant?

I never heard of the name Snow Billy until today, but this man is telling a lot. So, he's saying he was shot and is going to give the "whole in depth." Now, in this piece, he never really says Tekashi, but he explains at length getting shot in the head. He's a strong dude...he still managed to Facetime somebody and walk up a hill....talking to people. Me getting shot: crying, screaming, begging God for life. LOL! Anyway, I guess all bets are off with this dude. He's telling a LOT! But, he's not specific with his assailants, Tekashi 69 / Shotti's name showed up. Check it: there is so much to this, I can't keep up. Its like a gangsta fairy tale.

Check out our interview with Seqo Billy, who gets mentioned in this video. He USED to be down with Tekashi, but not now. He talks a lot about the past with the crew and where he is now. He's definitely not talking in the same way as this dude.