Beef Between Lil Uzi Vert And DJ Drama And Don Cannon?

It seems like there is some friction in the air, but the Innanets may be wrong on this one.

AllHipHop Rumors) Much has been made over the recent plot twist in the life and times of one Lil Uzi Vert, the rapper from a town called Philly. The young, feminine rapper with a gangsta twist is known largely because he's a product of DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon, a pair of legendary spin masters. They are native Philly, but ATL affiliated. After years of glory, it seems like there is...drama.

Well, not exactly.

The rapper Nav landed a verse that he obtained directly through Lil Uzi, but they must have forgot that Drama and Cannon are the bosses. Bosses have a different standard than the artists. And the major difference is money, moolah, cash, cabbage! Apparently and allegedly, they shot it down. Peep what Nav put publicly.

At face value, this may seem like greedy music industry stuff and I can see why Nav is butthurt. But if he gets a free verse, then what's stopping Uzi from doing the same with other artists? At the end of the day, he's a brand name that garners respect and MONEY in the game. The business is what it is. Drama and Cannon are probably protecting Uzi from himself. There is a flip side to this. Nav could actually be helping Uzi. He's poppin right now! And its go-time with this album.

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