Beef Bubbles Under Nelly/Ludacris Battle Thanks To Ali!


One of Nelly's St. Lunatics is raising a ruckus, saying Ludacris jacked their style!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I saw a little something online and thought very little of it. Come to find out, it was something major that is essentially minor. First of all, it is minor because last night Ludacris and Nelly went over two hours and went song for song and, in some cases verse for song. Anyway, we all know Nelly sold more records than Luda, but Luda is generally regarded as the better rapper. So, what did Luda do? He played some of his stellar verses, but some of the songs were not his. This was lightly noted by Nelly. So, who WON depends on your opinion and view of the artists. 

Ali, who is one of the beloved St. Lunatics, has been pretty vocal about his disdain for Ludacris. But, he said that Luda copied, which I never really felt. Here are the original comments that I saw.

In the battle, Luda comments on Ali, but I didn't see a diss. I just saw Luda say something like, "Ali needs some love." Clearly, it was an acknowledgment that he saw the comments. 

Ali saw it for what it was, but he seems like he wants to fight. Bruh?

Ali just REALLY dislikes Ludacris! But, he had a point. Luda played a few songs where he was a featured guest and I honestly felt like you were supposed to be playing your songs. On the FLIP, those bars were incredible and really accentuate the lyricism he has. Nelly's hits have always kept him at the top of the greats and sales pile. Here is a comparison. 

Here is the whole battle for you to see.

Who won to you?

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