Benzino's Daughter Is A Rapper Down With Trippie Redd! Check Her Out!

The new generation of rappers is here! Salute...Benzino's kid is down with Trippie Redd!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember Benzino? He's the dude that used to own The Source magazine along with Dave Mays! He's also a notorious rapper from Boston that really pile drived the game for a minute. He had a very infamous beef with Eminem back in the day. Anyway, we haven't really heard from him since he went into the realm of reality TV. I expect that to change at some point, but not because of the obvious reasons.

His daughter is a rapper down with Trippie Red! How? Wow!

A few years ago, unbeknownst to me, she has been making headlines for quite some time. Back in the day, she threatened to EAT RIHANNA'S BOOTY! What?! First of all, that is a threat she could never make good on, because only a chosen few even get close to RiRi's coveted booty. Coi Lera and Benzino seem to have a good relationship, but I didn't look very far.

Lets just get to it! She's a rapper!

Check out here STEEZ, in the words of another famous rapper from Boston.

Now, I admit, i found this out via Nardwuar...that dude is something else!

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She a gay rapper?


Illseed I was very much around back in Benzino's "Heyday" when did he ever "pile drive" the game?!?! I remember him changing the rating in the Source to 4 1/2 Mics for that Made Men album that was 3 1/2 at best. If you want to say he used "The Source" to bully/threaten other artist that's fine unless that's what you mean by "Pile Drive" the game. What else has he done "In HIP HOP" beside's befriend a white dude who loved Hip Hop culture & then help him get rid of his partner's, give himself a position, salary, office & then offend other artists he didn't get along with? I don't count any reality TV shows.