Beyonce: Forgive Ya Daddy!


Mathew Knowles Releases A Touching Video Wishing Beyonce A Happy,Happy Birthday.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know Matthew Knowles did Tina wrong. In fact, the brother straight up blew it! You don’t cheat on Beyonce’s mom and then also have a baby by the other woman! The word on the street is Beyonce has never forgiven him for hurting her momma! In fact, over the weekend, the whole family was in Philly at the Made In America festival. Even Mom. Today is Bey’s birthday and everybody is celebrating and were celebrating over the weekend. Another victory for the fam! And, well…Mr. Knowles was caught up in the spirit today. He wished his daughter a good on, but ended up getting choked up. He looked quite tortured, if you ask me. Why he couldn’t keep his wanger in his pants is beyond me!

Look at the video:

I could be wrong, but this is how I interpret this video. I just realize he has a pair of kids post Tina (Knowles) Lawson. Anyway, hang in there, MK! Happy 36th Birthday, Beyonce!

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At least he tried. We all mess up. The real losers never try to gain redemption.