Beyonce To Reportedly Bring Out Two Special Guests At Coachella!


Queen Bey is just in that elite number of artists man! Apparently the Beyhive weren’t the only ones freaking out about Beyonce and her pregnancy announcement and how it would affect their Coachella plans.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Coachella producers were allegedly caught off guard too.

Now, it has been reported that the show will go on as normal.

According to TMZ, sources involved with Coachella claim that not only does Beyonce have NO plans of cancelling, she allegedly has already booked two other major artists to join her on stage.

Apparently both of Bey’s guest stars also knew that Beyonce was already pregnant also.

Look, Beyonce actually has some pipes on her. The girl has vocals on deck, so she could sit in a chair and still deliver an amazing performance, better than some of your favorites.

I wonder if her guest stars are so big, that they’ll help her pull the expectation weight though.

One of the performers is said to be from the Roc Nation roster, and the other is signed to a different label.

I’m hoping she will bring out Jay Z. For Jay fans, a surprise Jay Z performance will never get old.

Oh yeah and Beyonce could’ve allegedly cashed out for $1 million whether she performs or not because of her insurance. POW!

It’s dope to see that Bey still plans on performing especially since she’ll be well into her third trimester. Are you planning to attend Coachella?