Bhad Bhabie Gives Jermaine Dupri A Piece Of Her Mind!

More messiness on the front lines of Hip-Hop.


Uhm...this happened.

Last time I checked, the Cash Me Outside Girl was a minor. Why is she talking in grown folks business? Now, she's one of the most manufactured artists of all time and yet she's got something to say to JD? People may not agree with homie, but certain folks need to have a seat. Like, if you don't write your raps, JD wasn't talking about you in the first place. Last time I wrote about Bhad Bhabie, I heard from the label. She needs to hear from the label and tell her to shut her beak! She said "10 years since Bow Wow." LOL!!!!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This whole conversation about Women in Hip-Hop has gotten so far away from the original question! At this point the whole peanut gallery has an opinion! Check out this convo between Jermaine Dupri and 6Lack!

6Lack is talking to JD, who gave us Da Brat at a time when there were very few women. I am not saying JD is right or wrong, reactive or proactive. But I really can't stand to see these open-ended non-productive convos taking place.

Here is some more.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Sally bone


He's entitled to his opinion.. But shouldn't bring them females down in the process..