Big Fase 100 Blasts At The Game In New Song!


Big Fast 100 & The Game continue beefing!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Big Fase 100 starts his new song with this Brother, The Game, essentially validating his street credentials. It is truly remarkable to see how these men have devolved into beefing in public like common enemies. But, The Game started this current fiasco and it seems like Big Fase 100 intends to end it! 

Check out his new song..."My Brother's Keeper"

One thing you know, Big Fase 100 ain't not type of fake dude. I know he's older now, but you can hear the PIRU in his voice! This is crazy to hear, honestly. The thing is the song is actually dope. 

This is so ugly. I blinked and realize I missed that him and Wack 100 was popping off at him. And it looks like Wack 100 has taken the name of Big Fase 100's company and is throwing it in his...fase! 

Here you go...Wack says:

Blood you a mark. You let a nigga REPO your car on your block in front your face ! You turned in guns to the Compton Police to know from going to jail. Nigga before me there was Jimmy henchman before him it was D MACK nigga DJ t blame me for your disloyalty. You tried to sabotage Game career and got Knccked out on ya own block —— Begged me for money nigga now In to blame for ya problems ! Nigga ya son was more gangsta than you at 12 !!!

Here was Big Fase reply:

@wack100 u all mouf. And u got the wrong one. Be tough bitch nigga.. Its all in the public eye.. Just how hoe niggaz rather it to be

'This ain't the first time....this oldie but goodie was almost 10 years ago.