Messy Boots, Part II: Big Pun’s Widow Has All The Smoke For Fat Joe On Instagram

Big Pun Widow Fat Joe

Pay her what you owe her, Mr. Cartagena.

Liza Rios — the widow of the legendary rapper Big Pun — has all the smoke for Fat Joe on Instagram, and she doesn’t care who knows it.

In the comments section of a post recently made by The Hip Hop Wolf, Rios let the choppa fly.

Check it out below.

Big Pun Widow Fat Joe

“Joe wants me to apologize to him for me going after what was rightfully my family’s?!” asked the widow of Big Pun. “He is responsible for over 2.3 million royalties that was never paid to [Big] Pun. It’s all in the court papers! All public info!”

She then opened fire of the rapper Noreaga. “You a straight fool!” she said. “You never seen no paperwork and you know the truth. You was not in court with me and you know @gonguroach is a master in recovering royalties. It’s all in the transcripts, all public info!”

As previously reported, on episode 261 of the Drink Champs podcast, Joey Crack declared that he doesn’t have control over anything related to Big Pun and that he makes no money off the deceased rapper, including a documentary on his contribution to the culture.

“So I said, ‘OK, you saying Fat Joe’s jerking you…[he’s] taken everything. Take everything, it’s not a problem, everybody got whatever they want, get everything. Fat Joe doesn’t own a dollar, no attach[ment]. I don’t have nothing to do with Big Pun. That’s what y’all wanted,” he said.

Somebody’s lying…and it’s probably not Liza.