Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Give TMI On New Song! WHOA!


Big Sean and Lady Aiko keep playing with the fans as they play with each other!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Mayne! When I saw Big Sean and Jhene Aiko were trending, I thought they may have gone on and gotten married again. They are not fooling me! I know they love each other! However, when I went to social media to see what the hubbub was all about, I learned far more than I wanted to know about these two. Now that I think about it, It was just Big Sean that was trending!

It's almost like 13-year olds are dominating the set and forcing this content to the top. What grown a$$ woman is talking like this in the open market.  ANYWAY, Big Sean got on Jhene Aiko (his ex) song and bragged about his sex game. Sheesh! 

But every time I lay down I think about you naked
And if you find my replacement, how could you?
I made you cum nine times in one day
Your two lips should come in a vase, you rode my face
I realize you look as good as you taste, hmm (Yeah)

Now, the tone of this song is not really that sexual. That is just what people are saying thanks to big buster Sean. Jhene is a lil' bitty thing! Anyway, her part of the song is a bit more emotive. PEEP:

I was traumatized and suicidal, I’m sick and tired, I am not to blame
Once I felt the wave and not today, I’m not afraid, now I can say
Get your bitch ass off of my phone, please leave me alone
I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone
Don’t worry about who it is I’m fuckin' or who I am lovin', just know that it is not you
This isn’t up for discussion, I wish you good luck man

Very different, right? Some of the women were actually upset about this CHASM in tone. He's talking sex and she is talking love...and all the trappings! All in all, we wonder if the are going to get back together. Their joint album, 2016's Twenty88, was a solid album that got the people talking like they are now.