Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Seem To Be Back Together...But Are They?

They clearly like each other, but are they getting back together. Clue up some slow tunes and pray.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Big Sean and Jhene Aiko seem to be back together again. The pair made a visual announcement on Instagram. 

I thought these two were finished, especially when Big Sean was seen with Ariana Grande. It seemed like that young girl was suicidal when she saw / heard that. Apparently, he was cheating! Anyway, they split but now they are back together. On top of it all, Jhene WAITED a YEAR for him to come back, no sex!

BUT...the reality is, they may not be back together. They may just be working TOWARDS getting back together.

On "Triggered," she said:

"Been a minute, been a while
Ain't let nobody hit it since you hit it
You know you always know what to do wit' it
But ain't no me and you without you in it"

I hope Sean knows the importance of his role in her mental health! Don't play with this girl's heart! So, they may not be together yet, because there are several report suggesting this was a meeting to clear the air. I am not so certain that this is the case, but I think they have to take it slowly before making it official. They just broke up in December of 2018 so....its not been that long ago.

Take a listen to "Triggered" again.